Our Mission

KCI is committed to creating a company culture that permeates to the community and clients for the betterment of all we touch. Through our fundamental values we hold ourselves to a higher level of accountability in constructing the built environment. Developing long standing relationships through treating clients, subcontractors and employees as family and using our experience to provide excellence in all we do.

Core Values


We work together, across boundaries, and with humility to meet the needs of our customers while supporting growth and fulfillment of our employees. Above all, we are a team.


We are good citizens in the communities in which we live and work. The communities we serve sustain our business so we seek our opportunities to give back.


We consider what's best for our clients, our team, our subcontractors and our communities. We are good stewards that always do what's right with truthful character in all we do, even when no one is looking.


We find solutions where no one else will. We constantly push ourselves to achieve excellence, and make an impact through our talents, passions and hard work.


Our business is constantly evolving and if we are not continuously learning and growing we are likely falling behind.


We develop solutions to provide for longevity in built environments.

"Our culture, our people, our families and our traditions are the foundations upon which we build our identity."

Mark Teplitsky | KCI - V.P. of Business Operations