RTD 14th & Stout Rail Replacement


Period of Performance

September 2020 - September 2020




Regional Transportation District (RTD)


RTD Engineer Design Team

Project Overview

Denver, CO

The curve of light rail tracks at 14th and Stout Streets in downtown Denver is one of the most complex and vulnerable engineering spots in the RTD system. This section of track presents a sharp turn that puts extra force on the steel rails. Truck traffic on the roadway here is non-stop. With heavy chemical de-icer use in winter months, rain and grit have seeped down through the surface since the tracks were initially laid in the early 1990s. This key gateway to downtown needed to be overhauled to ensure continued safe, efficient service.

Planning for this project began a year in advance, with intensive coordination among RTD, the City of Denver, and the entire construction team to ensure this dynamic project was completed within a scheduled two-week shutdown.

Civil Infrastructure.