Regional Transportation District 711 Building


Period of Performance

December 2018 to September 2019




Regional Transportation District


SEH, Inc.

Project Overview

Denver, CO

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver operations is expanding and new space was needed. RTD acquired an existing warehouse — the 711 Building—and sought to remodel this and relocate the agency’s Train Operation Command Center. The area renovated and remodeled was one-third of the building. The other two-thirds is occupied.

The remodeled space included an entry vestibule, waiting area, management offices, workspaces, operations control center, training rooms, conference rooms, break areas, fitness room, server room, quiet room, and men’s and women’s shower/locker rooms. The building was renovated to be a secure facility with access controls (card key access) and a back-up generator. The renovation also included extensive communication wiring.

Occupied Facility.