Micah Homes


Period of Performance

October 2018 to June 2019


$1,750,000 est. full value

Building Type

6 residential units


The Inn Between


Radian Placematters

Project Overview

Longmont, CO

Boulder County is experiencing a severe affordable housing crisis, and Longmont in particular is about 2,500 units short to sufficiently house low income households.

The United Church of Christ in Longmont transferred a quarter-acre parcel of church land to the Inn Between—a non-profit organization addressing the need for housing—to construct six permanent, supportive apartment units for low income, elderly, or disabled individuals.

Krische Construction began working with the Inn Between in 2017 to provide pre-construction services and to assist in engaging the community and local businesses to participate in this project.

While the entire project would normally cost between $1.7M and $1.8M, because of donations and grants, the actual project cost will be closer to $500,000. Krische is donating its fee and providing all management and services pro bono.

The six-unit complex will include a common laundry and community space, and will accommodate up to 14 residents.

New Construction.
Civil Infrastructure.