LUH Cardiopulmonary & Cardiac Catheterization Labs


Period of Performance

July 2007 - April 2008




Longmont United Hospital (LUH)


TreanorHL (formerly H+L Architecture)

Project Overview

Longmont, CO

Project consisted of two phases. The first phase was the 2,000-square-foot expansion to house the cardio and catheterization room and the second phase was renovation of the existing 10,000-square-foot Catheterization Lab. During both phases, scheduling was critical as existing systems that were shared with the hospital could not be interrupted. Once both phases were complete, their systems had to be integrated with the hospital’s existing systems.

The new Cardiopulmonary and Cardiac Catheterization Labs contained a procedure room for the imaging system with a control room and equipment rooms to support the cardiopulmonary imaging system. The procedure room was required to be compatible with operating room criteria as this space will also be used to implant devices. This room had the additional requirement of lead shielding at the walls, floors, ceiling, doors, and windows to protect surrounding areas from the x-rays produced by the imaging equipment.

In addition to the expansion and renovation, the project also consisted of revamping the HVAC system and installing a new air handling unit on the roof. This installation required additional steel supports for the structure to hold the new unit and additional support for the cardiopulmonary imaging system. The support for the cardiopulmonary imaging system was extremely critical in that less than 1mm of deflection was allowed during its operation.

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