Greek Orthodox Metropolis Cathedral


Period of Performance

February 2014 to September 2014




Assumption of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Metropolis Cathedral


Eidos Architects, PC

Project Overview

Glendale, CO

This project is a two-story addition to an existing cathedral building. The addition includes a chapel, multipurpose room, and restrooms. The structure of the new addition consists of concrete spread footings and concrete foundation walls. The floor/ceiling and roof structure are comprised of steel deck on steel beams and joists. There are three different roofing systems on the addition: standing seam roof, an EPDM roof, and fiberglass asphalt shingles. The exterior walls are steel framed with a brick veneer in the majority of the areas and stucco and precast concrete accents. The site development for the project consists of landscaping, modifications to the existing yard irrigation system, grading and pavement work, and underground site utilities to accommodate the new addition. The mechanical and electrical systems on the new addition include new rooftop mechanical units and a new electrical service.

New Construction.
Occupied Facility.
Civil Infrastructure.

"I highly recommend Krische Construction for their outstanding work with the Assumption Cathedral to build a magnificent Byzantine style chapel and new entrance to the main church as well as supporting space and a new classroom. This new construction is the first impression of our community to visitors and was built with attention to detail. There were construction challenges with the connection to an older building an dour unique Orthodox needs since future plans are to have icons applied to so much of the inside of the new chapel. One example was developing the four pendentives supporting the chapel dome while creating icon space for the four Gospel writers. Krische took this and other challenges in stride. Construction took place while our services continued throughout the year, also providing challenges. Krische Construction went out of their way to be respectful of our worship times, especially regarding funerals that did not afford much notice to workers. The bottom line is that Krische Construction knows how to work with churches and dealt with us in a very professional and courteous manner."

John Johns | Real Estate Committee Chairman Greek Orthodox Metropolis Cathedral