Cranmer Park Sundial Terrace


Period of Performance

January 2018 to September 2018




Associate Landscape Planner City and County of Denver


Applied Design Services

Project Overview

Denver, CO

In the 1940s, as part of the Works Progress Administration, Mountain View Park—later named Cranmer Park—was constructed in the Hilltop neighborhood of Denver. A striking element of the park is a grand terrazzo panorama, a raised paved plaza that features a mosaic along its west side echoing the skyline of the Rocky Mountains. In the center of the plaza sits an impressive, 8-foot-diameter Chinese-style sundial.

Over time, the terrazzo panorama and sundial succumbed to the elements and were in need of renovation. A public-private coalition, including Colorado Preservation, Inc., The Park People, and the Denver Parks and Recreation, along with local residents, worked together to raise funds and put together plans to restore this park to its original glory.

Krische Construction worked in tandem with specialty firms including Building Restoration Specialties, Finn-Wall Specialties, and Erickson Monuments to restore the park.

The restoration was coordinated to carefully remove, restore, and re-use as much of the original elements of the plaza as possible. Along the west- facing panoramic mosaic, many original interpretive panels and markers were repaired and placed as they were originally. Experts at Finn-Wall meticulously surveyed and scanned the original mosaic to reconstruct this as close to the original as possible.

Erickson Monuments, who designed the original sundial, removed and restored this feature. The analemmatic stones beneath the sundial that delineate the months and seasons were carefully re-created.

The restored terrazzo panorama and sundial will provide a safe, beautiful place for residents and visitors to enjoy for many more generations.


"Throughout the project’s entirety, Krische proved their commitment and dedication to quality workmanship. The company accommodated the often-complicated nuances of this one-of-a-kind project with grace and ease. I had the pleasure of working closely with Krische’s Project Manager and Superintendent. Both men were always responsive and available to offer solutions to the various challenges that this multi- partnership project presented. Through their dedication and focus, the project was completed on time and within budget. Krische Construction produced an outstanding end product that the surrounding neighborhood will enjoy for years to come. I have received significant amounts of positive feedback from park users relaying their appreciation for bringing new life to this important community icon."

Jennifer Olson, PLA, Assoc. Project Manager | Denver Parks and Recreation