Amtrak Grand Forks Station Renovation


Period of Performance

May 2020 to May 2021






WSP USA Design, Inc.

Project Overview

Grand Forks, ND

KCI is constructing this project as part of a five-year on-call contract with Amtrak for ADA Station Renovations.

The project includes demolition and removal of the existing concrete platform, installation of a 12-foot-wide and 1,100-foot-long platform with an under-platform drainage system. Amtrak-branded signage will be installed. Two wheelchair lift enclosures will be relocated and a new locking mechanism will be provided. Light fixtures, control panels, conduits, wiring, and accessories will be installed at the platform. Accessible parking will be upgraded with new sidewalks around the existing station and concrete paving at the plaza. A new passenger drop-off area will be constructed. A new service driveway/ramp to the platform and access gate will be installed. An accessible route will be provided between the public right-of-way, accessible parking, passenger drop-off, platform, and accessible station entrances. Inside the station, upgrades will be done to improve accessibility to the station doors, restrooms, and restroom fixtures. Additional work will include casework modifications plus wall, floor, and ceiling finishes. This project is being completed at an active, occupied station.

New Construction.