Hearthstone at Hover Crossing

With the advent of a large wave of baby boomers hitting retirement age, coupled with challenging economic times, the need for affordable, quality senior housing is on the rise. To meet this need in Longmont, the Longmont Housing Authority (LHA) manages housing programs that ensure low and moderate income residents of Longmont have safe, decent, and affordable housing. LHA currently operates programs that assist more than 700 households. Among the residential properties managed by LHA is The Lodge at Hover Crossing, constructed by Krische in 2009. With the success of this housing project, and with a waiting list far beyond its capacity, LHA went forward with The Lodge’s sister project, The Hearthstone at Hover Crossing.

In January 2013, LHA and members of the community celebrated the Grand Opening of Hearthstone at Hover Crossing. Krische Construction began construction on Hearthstone in October 2011. In lieu of a costly ground-breaking, Longmont Housing Authority produced a two-minute video commemorating the beginning of this project, which can be viewed here.

Hearthstone at Hover Crossing is a 43,500-square-foot, three-story income-qualifying senior living facility within an existing, highly-active community. Sustainable building methods were utilized in construction of this project, including the selection of building materials, efficiency of the units, facility appliances, and mechanical and electrical systems.

This was the fourth project Krische Construction completed for LHA. Michael Reis, Executive Director with the Longmont Housing Authority, expressed his thoughts. “We were so impressed with Krische’s professionalism during construction of a housing project in 2007 that when The Lodge at Hover Crossing was proposed, we suggested to our Board of Directors that Krische be brought in during the design phase to work with the architect as a team.” After Krische successful completed construction of The Lodge, it was a natural fit to construct its sister project, The Hearthstone at Hover Crossing. These two facilities, both designed by Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh, represent 100 units of high-quality, energy-efficient, affordable housing for seniors and the disabled in Longmont.